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WYSIWYG, an acronym for "What you see is what you get," is a powerful tool connected to your website. Learn how these various icons will help you add customized features and a personal touch to your site.

Icon Action What It Does
  Enter [key] Creates a new paragraph. Moves the cursor down 2 lines.
  Shift+Enter [keys] Creates a line break. Moves the cursor down 1 line.
Paste from Word Paste Word Copy content from Microsoft Word, then paste it into the HTML editor using the pop-up accessed from this icon
Insert/Edit Link Insert/Edit Hyperlink Add or remove hyperlink from highlighted text.
Insert/Edit Image Insert/Edit Image Upload or insert your own or other's images into the HTML page
Insert/Edit Anchor Insert/Edit Anchor Creates hyperlinks to spots on long pages (helps users quickly navigate to specific parts of long pages)
Bold, Italic, Underscore Bold, Italic, Underscore Bold, italic, underscore
Styles & Formatting Styles & Formatting Styles & formatting determine the appearance of HTML text. You may also use the drop down boxes to style specific
Font Color Text Color Change the color of the highlighted text
Lists Lists Add numbering or bullets to highlighted text lines
Decrease/Increase Indent Decrease/Increase Indent Increase or decrease the highlighted text's indentation
Alignment Alignment Alignment of highlighted text (left, centered, right, justified)
Symbols Insert symbols & special characters (trademarks, currency, etc.)
Spell Check Spelling Spell check the editor contents (Requires a plugin download/install)
Insert/Edit Table Insert/Edit Table Insert table. Number of columns or rows, and table width, height, borders, & alignment can also be set
Preview Preview Preview what the HTML page will look like for users
Print Print Print the editor contents
Find Search Find a word or phrase within the text of the editor
Replace Replace Find and replace a word or phrase within the text
Select All Select All Select all of the text in the editor (usually used before copy or cut or to apply a style or format to the whole page)
Cut Cut Remove the highlighted text and move to the clipboard
Copy Copy Copy the highlighted text to the clipboard
Paste Paste Paste the text you copied from the clipboard (with or without formatting)
Undo/Redo Undo/Redo Undo or redo the most recent action taken.
Un-format Un-format Remove the formatting from highlighted text
Super/Subscript Superscript Superscript or subscript the highlighted text
Horizontal Rule Horizontal Rule Insert divider line (horizontal rule)
Page Break Page Break Insert page break. Only impacts printed version.
Universal Keyboard Universal Keyboard Online keyboard for certain non-roman character languages
View Source View Source View or edit document source code (for advanced users)
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