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Emerald Online Support Services

Welcome to online support services for Emerald Connect. Here you can request a variety of support items from the convenience of your computer. Simply click on the item below to review a summary of that service, any costs associated to the service, and how to get started! If you don’t see what you are looking for on the list below, simply give us a call at (800) 233-2834 from 8:30am ET to 7:30pm ET Monday — Friday.

Alphabetical Listing

Additional Storage Space Request

Request additional website storage space (in 25MB blocks)

Additional Custom Pages Request

Request additional custom pages (in 20 page blocks)

Branch Manager Request

Request the addition of a branch manager and to place a website/websites under that branch

Broker-Dealer Change Form

Notify us of a change in your broker-dealer affiliation

Change of Address

Change your address in our internal records online

Domain Name MX (mail) Record Change

Request the forwarding of your mail (MX) records to your preferred mail provider

Domain Name Release

Use this form to have Emerald release your domain name. Note: the name and any authorization codes will be released ONLY to the Account holder listed in our internal records

Modify Email Aliases Request

Request a change email aliases and target. Note: up to 10 aliases are allowed for each account

New Email Alias Request

Request email aliases

Point Self-Managed Domain to Emerald

Grant permission for Emerald to point self-managed domain to Emerald

Remove Email Aliases Request

Request email alias removal

Request to Add a Website Compliance Contact

Request to add a website compliance contact.

Request to Set The Visibility of My Site to OFF

Request to have your website visibility setting "off" temporarily

Unlock an Account (including IP lockout)

Unlock an account that has been frozen due to too many failed login attempts

URL (website domain name) Change Request

Request a change in the URL associated with your Emerald Website

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