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Minimalist Themes

Frequently Asked Question

What is a minimalist site style?
The wide-format minimalist site styles offer a dramatically different look and feel to your website. The minimalist site styles provide you with contemporary design choices in an easy, user-friendly interface.

Where can I take a look at a minimalist site?
To view one of these styles, simply choose one from the site style area of the site basics menu.

If I like one of the sites, what's my first step?
After you select the one you like, click Save Changes, then View Preview Site. With the minimalist sites, it is important to preview before clicking the Update Site because these styles are significantly different from the design of our previous offerings.

What's one of the best features of the minimalist site?
The sites use the top navigation bar to list your custom pages one through five, relative to the navigation order choice that may have been made in the administrator and the Our Location page appears on the right side by default. Additional custom pages will appear on the right-side navigation area, under the heading Additional Pages. Because the width of the top navigation bar is limited, it is important that the link text used for the custom pages displayed there be kept relatively short.

Are there any drawbacks to the site styles?
If you have uploaded a custom masthead image, it may need to be modified to be acceptable for use in the styles. The Minimalist Site Styles use a wider format, 970 pixels, and display a height of 400 pixels on the Home Page, when viewing custom pages, the height is automatically reduced to 200 pixels, so the lower half of the image is not visible.

Will anything change if I convert my site?
TThe Seminars and the Associates page will now become one of the choices on the Resources page. The Resources page also now holds the Request a Quote page.

Will anything not work?
The Home Page Movies do not display with the minimalist site styles.

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