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Insert Tables

This advanced feature is offered to allow users who are comfortable with working in tables to create and modify a table for use on their website. The feature allows users to enter the number of desired columns and rows to enter data. It also allows customers to align the data in each cell.

  • Go to any custom page in the site administrator
  • On the HTML editor, click the icon highlighted in blue on the attached image (looks like a table)
Insert/Edit Table in the HTML Editor
  • A properties table will appear (see image)
Table Properties
  • Choose your table rows, columns
  • Click OK
  • Click inside the newly created cells to add content

Once created, the table is not easily modified. Emerald recommends that users practice creating tables and aligning their contents before actually deciding to use this feature, as it is meant for advanced users only.

NOTE: Emerald does not coach the creation of or troubleshoot table issues, as most issues have to do with the complex way in which tables are created and configured and require good knowledge of HTML formatting.

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