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Anchor Links

Anchor links allow you to jump to different locations on a given page. For example, when you have a list of questions at the top of a page, anchor links can be used to jump down the page to the answer.

To create an anchor link:

  1. Log in to the Site Administrator
  2. Click on "My Company Info"
  3. Click on the link for the page where you want the anchor link to appear. This could be in "Home Page Text" or one of the sections in "Website Sections"
  4. First, set your anchors. Scroll down to the "New Contents" box and click next to the text to which you want to link. Then click the anchor link icon in the tool bar above
  5. When the "Anchor Properties" box appears, enter a name for the anchor link (such as "Anchor1") and click "OK"
  6. Next, create the links. In the "New Contents" box, highlight the text you wish to use as the link to the anchor you just created
  7. Click on the "Insert/Edit Link" icon
  8. Under "Link Type," choose "Link to anchor in the text"
Anchor Links
  1. Click "Select an Anchor by Anchor Name" and choose the appropriate anchor
  2. Click the OK button
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