Passport to Retirement®

Clearly, the demand for retirement education is great, and Passport to Retirement will position you as an expert at a time when 78 million baby boomers are approaching retirement age.

Passport to Retirement is a comprehensive retirement system that educates attendees and helps them overcome the roadblocks to a successful retirement. The seven content-rich sections serve as a passport to helping them make sound financial decisions:

  • Define and create your retirement
  • Assess the costs of retirement
  • Evaluate sources of income
  • Invest for the future
  • Protect your health and wealth
  • Receive funds from retirement plans
  • Manage your estate distribution

The system is filled with compelling statistics and case studies, and the workbook includes a wealth of self-analysis quizzes and worksheets that will help participants remember you long after the workshop is over.

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System Components

  • 220-image PowerPoint presentation (approx. 6 hours in length)
  • 135-page, 4-color participant workbook
  • 88-page Marketing Manual: Working with Educational and Organization Sponsors
  • Large sponsor brochure and small sponsor brochure
  • Three sponsor presentations: Preview presentation, Education presentation, and Association presentation
  • Sponsor campaigns: Association campaign and Education campaign
  • Fact Finder
  • System Updates
  • FINRA reviewed
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