Website Enhancement Services (WES)

Increase your website’s visibility and be registered on search engines and local directories including:

bing, Google, DuckDuckGo, LYCOS,, AOL, YAHOO!, dogpile,, Yellow Book, mapquest


Let Emerald Connect sponsor your business to show up in the paid search results on the major search engines. Just some of the benefits:

  • Premium search engine placement
  • Prospects easily find your website
  • Upgraded website analytics and reporting
  • No costly pay-per-click charges


Our network of local search partners spans applications from desktop to mobile to social media. The search and directory sites cover 90% of where more than 3.4 billion monthly local searches occur.

Ensure that your business can be found in local directories and:

  • Attract local customers
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Increase website traffic
  • Establish yourself as the local expert

Local Business Listing includes:

  • Registration with Google Places
  • Business listings in Google, Apple, and Bing
  • Administration of local business listings including Yelp, Yellow Book, and more!
  • Management of key words
  • Advanced reporting that scores your online presence


Our Website Analytics Program provides reports of your top pages, referrers, search words, and visitor information.

Results from your Sponsored Placement are available for real-time review. You can track how effective your marketing campaigns are in bringing visitors to your website, how well these visitors convert, and how much revenue they generate.


Call Emerald for pricing information at 800-233-2834.

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