Science of Seminar Marketing

Complimentary Training for Financial Advisors

To better equip you to work with today's savvy investors, Emerald has designed a training event that is unsurpassed in the industry. At the Science of Seminar Marketing, you will have the opportunity to learn seminar marketing principles that have worked for thousands of financial professionals across the country and learn concrete solutions to help boost your production.

Whether you are a seasoned financial professional or new to the industry, the Science of Seminar Marketing will show you proven seminar-selling principles and results-oriented tools for seminar marketing. With Emerald’s more than 25 years of experience, no one is better equipped to bring you this information.

During the workshop, we will introduce you to the details of conducting public seminars as well as sponsored events — focusing specifically on issues that affect marketing to each audience. We will concentrate on the three phases of seminar marketing: preparation, presentation, and implementation.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity and learn new strategies that will reenergize your practice. Let us show you how to reach and exceed your goals.

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