SocialSpeaks offers relevant, FINRA reviewed financial content that will make it easy for agents to stay connected with groups and others who follow them. SocialSpeaks contains valuable financial content that your community wants to read, content that will benefit them, and content they will share with their communities.


New Customers

Setup Fee: $199
Monthly Fee:$59.99

Existing Website Customers

Setup Fee: No charge
Monthly Fee: $14.99


Financial Content

SocialSpeaks allows Emerald’s financial content to be shared or tweeted in seconds. Content categories include business planning, cash management, economic trends, estate & trusts, risk management, retirement planning, tax management, saving and investing, and household budgeting.

Each piece of content includes a 400-character or less post for use on Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as a 140-character or less “tweet” to use on Twitter. Content types include:

Plus the SocialSpeaks library is full of short, self-contained financial “snippets” that allow agents to share at-a-glance statistics and intriguing financial sound bites as frequently as you would like.

Each month new content will be added to the SocialSpeaks gateway.

BONUS: If you are an existing Emerald website client, the content will link directly back to your site — driving more traffic. If you are not a current Emerald website client, the content will link to a special landing page. In either scenario, your contact information and broker-dealer disclosure will appear with each piece of content being displayed.

SocialSpeaks Launch Technology

Not only does SocialSpeaks provide sound content, but it makes it simple for you to participate in social networking:

  • Ease of use. Our custom-developed launch technology allows you to select content from a comprehensive library and push the content to your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts within seconds.
  • At-a-glance. The system also captures and records when the content has been shared so that you have a quick reference

Automatic Compliance Review

Emerald Connect websites are known for superior compliance management functionality. That’s why the SocialSpeaks compliance manager was built using the same platform, making compliance review simple!

A back-end compliance tool allows your compliance department to approve all SocialSpeaks content before it can be used on the various social media sites. They will be able to log-in to our compliance manager system, review the content, and enable it for use — all at the click of their mouse!

Additionally, compliance officers can download FINRA review letters from our online Compliance Review Application (CRA).

For more information, contact an Emerald Retention Specialist at (800) 233-2834 or view our FAQ document.

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