Frequently Asked Questions

What is SocialSpeaks?

SocialSpeaks is a Social Media marketing service that Emerald Connect provides to clients for a set monthly access fee to submit content to environments such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

How does the SocialSpeaks service work?

SocialSpeaks is the accumulation of a wide variety of financial content into a library for the specific purpose of fostering marketing messages to Social Media properties. There are two components to SocialSpeaks functionality:

  1. Content Manager — this is the repository where the content is held and allows the User and Compliance to turn off/on content pieces within the library for ongoing use.
  2. Content Launcher — this is the mechanism whereby the User will engage posting content to the various Social Media properties.

How do recipients receive the content?

Recipients are alerted to the available content once it is received via the social media applications — Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The recipient will be able to read a short message about the particular item and then navigate to the landing page that will present that content item.

How often can I “post” content?

There is no restriction on how much or how often you can post content to the various social media environments. However, like all marketing you should identify a plan that corresponds to your ongoing efforts — time of year; particular product focus — while being flexible to accommodate current events. SocialSpeaks is yet another offering from Emerald that provides you with an opportunity to achieve these goals.

How often should I “post” content?

As part of an overall marketing plan, your strategy should:

  1. Be consistent but not overwhelming;
  2. Utilize multiple tools since no single method will ever keep you connected to your clients and prospects;
  3. Offer variety since no single topical element will interest all of your clients and prospects.

For more information, view our Best Practices document.

How do I know what I have posted?

SocialSpeaks tracks the various content pieces and identifies when they have been shared and in what social media environment it was shared. You will be able to clearly identify what remains and ensure that you also do not repeat topical areas too frequently.

How do I know when new content is available?

Emerald provides new content to SocialSpeaks at the beginning of each month. It is available for your use as soon as your compliance reviews and approves the use of the content. You are also alerted in the application of what content is new and is displayed as such for 30-days.

Does SocialSpeaks have an automatic schedule that can be set and forget?

No. Part of being a good marketer in the social media space is participating in the act of posting content and monitoring the sites for comments and feedback. A set-it-and-forget-it methodology does not complement this particular marketing medium and actually creates a counterproductive program. Additionally, the content you share should be relevant and demographic appropriate for your followers. In order to guarantee the right types of content are being sent on your behalf, it is critical that you play an active role in selecting and sending your content.

Will the SocialSpeaks content be FINRA reviewed?

Yes. The SocialSpeaks content will be submitted to FINRA for review if the content is new. If the content being displayed is an item we’ve already submitted for review, it will not be necessary to refile. In either case, FINRA review letters are available in our Compliance Review Application (CRA).

Where will my compliance officer be able to review the SocialSpeaks content and FINRA letter?

The content and FINRA letter will be available in our CRA much like the existing website information.

How does Compliance review the content?

Once Emerald provides new content to SocialSpeaks at the beginning of each month, Compliance is alerted to review and approve the material. Any content that is not yet approved will not display in your available library until it is Compliance approved. If available, you can rest assured it is approved for your use.

Can I distribute the SocialSpeaks content beyond the three social media environments?

The SocialSpeaks launcher has been optimized to consider each targeted social media environment’s constraints and best practices. SocialSpeaks is intended for those environments only and the content may not be utilized elsewhere.

Why is a URL included with my content “post” in addition to the hyperlinked title?

There are two reasons for the inclusion of the URL when SocialSpeaks content is distributed:

  1. The recipient will be able to follow the embedded link in the “post”, Emerald considers all possibilities of how the content may be viewed and there are times that a linkage may not work properly, be viewed in hard copy form or saved for future reference.
  2. It meets a compliance requirement to ensure that the destination address is understood and is identifiable for future reference.

Why is the SocialSpeaks URL different from my Website domain name/URL?

In order for the process to work properly, Emerald assigns a unique URL (— [the buzz]) to each client that our system then uses to redirect the visitor to your page. The most important consideration here is that many Website domains are lengthy as in many cases they convey the firm name for Branding reinforcement — as an example, Our system allows for the URL to remain small (we identify it as a TinyURL) so that visitors not following the link but rather typing in the domain will be more likely to type the address into his or her Internet Browser.

How does the content link back to my website?

The link is unique to each of our customers. Emerald will program the URL to render that specific content piece found on your Emerald website.

What if I don’t have an Emerald website?

To experience the power of the full program you really need an Emerald website. We encourage our customers who want to utilize SocialSpeaks as part of their overall marketing strategy to invest in the complete program, including the website.

If you have a third party website or ultimately decide you do not want a website, we have the ability to direct the SocialSpeaks content to landing pages that we will develop for you for a fee.

Can the SocialSpeaks content be displayed on a website not hosted by Emerald?

No it cannot. The content can only be displayed on the Emerald website or the landing page that we create.

How much does the SocialSpeaks program cost?

The SocialSpeaks program is licensed as a monthly access fee. There is a fee of $14.99 per month for Website subscribers. If you don’t have a website and do not purchase a website, a $199 setup fee and a $59.99 monthly fee will apply.

What are Snippets?

Snippets are intended to be short posts that do not link to extended content. Consider them to be “financial sound bites.” However, due to Facebook and LinkedIn business rules and the disallowance of third party non-linking content, each snippet will link back to the advisors Emerald website. For this reason, Snippets are only available in the library for SocialSpeaks clients that subscribe to an Emerald website.

I posted my content on Facebook but I don’t see it on my page...

Remember that in order to post content to your business page, you need to take the following steps:

  • Once logged in to Facebook, locate your business page under the “Pages” section along the left hand side.
  • The pages you administer will be located in this section.
  • Click on your business page.
  • Once the page has loaded on your screen, locate the “Use Facebook as (Your Page)” link on the right hand side.
  • Click on that link.
  • You are now using Facebook under your business page and are ready to post content.

If you did not take the steps stated above prior to posting content, you have likely posted the content to your personal profile. Make sure you check to see if this is the case, and remember to keep in mind Facebook’s policies regarding using a page for your business and profile for your personal use.

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