The Complete Financial Management Workshop®

Successful Worksite-Sponsored Seminars Begin with The Complete Financial Management Workshop

For more than two decades, Emerald has assisted financial professionals in developing successful seminar events. One of the main presentation channels (and what we consider a "sleeping giant") for advisors is “co-sponsored” events such as those conducted at the worksite. Until now, the challenge for our clients has been finding an appropriate sponsor, approaching the company for a sponsorship, and closing the deal. Without a powerful seminar presentation, financial professionals would often give up before they got started.

The Complete Financial Management Workshop (CFMW) comes with all the tools you need to plan, promote, present, and follow up on a successful worksite prospecting program. The comprehensive format allows for maximum flexibility, allowing you to present anything from brief, single-session "lunch and learn" presentations to full-length, two-day financial workshops. You can reach a large and virtually untapped marketplace with one dynamic system.

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System Features

  • 311 contemporary, full-color images with easy-to-master presentation scripts
  • 164-page, 4-color participant workbook (1 sample included with system purchase)
  • Fact Finder
  • System updates
  • FINRA reviewed

CFMW includes everything you need to start a worksite program

  • Employer presentation
  • HR presentation
  • Large and small sponsor brochures
  • ERISA pamphlet
  • 69-page Worksite Marketing Manual
  • Preview presentation
  • Marketing campaigns including:
    • Approach letters
    • Flyers
    • Email invitations
    • Statement stuffer
    • HR campaigns
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