Everyday Cents - E-Newsletters

Available to print subscribers only

Add a new dimension to your marketing plan by combining Emerald’s traditional printed newsletter with our new electronic E-Newsletter.

The E-Newsletter is a virtual representation of your paper newsletter. Whether your subscription is to Financial Ink, On Balance, Everday Cents, or The American Investor, if your paper newsletter has passed compliance approval, you can rest assured that your E-Newsletter will also.

The E-Newsletter masthead will mirror your printed newsletter.

Your E-Newsletter can also drive traffic to your website, where clients and prospects can learn more about your services, read in-depth articles on financial topics, and test financial concepts with interactive calculators, electronic seminars, and a portfolio tool.

E-Newsletters must be ordered in conjunction with a matching paper newsletter. The cost is $100 per 500 records. Additional deliveries are available at the rate of $50 per 500 records.

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View Sample E-mail

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