Automatic Marketing Program — Electronic Need Assistance?

The Automatic Marketing Electronic Program allows you to send clients a comprehensive financial newsletter or a Special Report via email each month. This Keep in Touch program can complement any other marketing and retention plan you may have in place. It is an important marketing vehicle that can help you communicate regularly with people who have money to invest and substantial assets to manage.

For more than 20 years, Emerald’s FINRA-reviewed newsletters and reports have helped thousands of financial professionals strengthen client relationships and convert qualified prospects to lifelong clients.

Choose one of these five options:

Financial Ink

For general audiences

Financial Ink covers most areas of personal finance and is ideal for clients of any age who want to improve their financial futures. The educational, upbeat content focuses on investing, retirement planning, tax issues, cash management, insurance protection strategies, and wealth preservation.

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On Balance

For retirees and pre-retirees

On Balance addresses timely, topical personal finance issues that will appeal to people who are nearing retirement or already retired. The insightful articles provide practical ideas that are designed to help people overcome retirement challenges, preserve wealth, and make savings last.

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Everyday Cents

Focusing on everyday issues

Everyday Cents is visually appealing, a light read, and filled with tips and news about consumer trends, health, science, and a host of personal finance topics. It is written to appeal to a broad audience base and will help reinforce your image among people who may be unlikely to read a more traditional financial newsletter.

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The American Investor

For high-net-worth individuals and business owners

The American Investor maintains a sophisticated focus on market trends, economic issues, tax-saving approaches, wealth-building strategies, and small-business issues. It will motivate investment-conscious individuals and business owners who have money to invest and substantial assets to manage.

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Special Report

A market commentary for general audiences

Each Special Report offers a summary or insight on a current business, economic, or congressional event and is written from a financial professional’s perspective. These timely reports will keep clients well informed about trends that could affect their current situations and financial futures.

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$99 retail setup

$0.40 per client per month

Minimum Order Quantity: 100

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