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The financial business is all about image, credibility, trust, and rapport. That's why your seminar invitations need to be as impressive as the seminar you are about to present. Invitations are your introduction to the prospects who will be meeting you for the first time as their potential financial advisor. Wouldn't you want to make a great first impression?

Emerald is the leader in developing effective wedding-style invitations and helping financial professionals put their best foot forward. Let our Premium Invitations introduce you as the credible advisor that you are.

Make a Statement with Variable Printing

Our variable printing feature helps your invitation stand out from the crowd. Personalization of your wedding-style invitation can greatly enhance your response. It also produces a reciprocal effect in which the recipients recognize your effort to reach out to them and, in turn, they will feel more obligated to respond.

Another reason why your seminar invitation should make a lasting first impression!

Invitation Layout

The inside of the invitation includes compelling copy that clearly communicates your seminar event and offer. We also include variable printing, a four-color photo of the speaker, and an illustration of the workbook the attendee will receive. Our attractive layout will captivate recipients and engage them to respond.


* Available for FocusOn seminars and select comprehensive and educational seminars

Social Security Invite
*Only available with the Making the Most of Social Security FocusOn seminar presentation


Marathon Series
*Only available with the Running the Retirement Marathon event seminar presentation

Game Plan Series
*Only available with the Your Retirement Game Plan event seminar presentation

Building Blocks Series
*Only available with the Building Blocks for Wealthy Living event seminar presentation

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