The Emerald Approach

What is the Emerald approach?

Our approach is simple. Financial Advisors need a complete prospecting solution that allows them to successfully market a dinner event using a variety of themed communications — all tying the prospect back to the advisor. Remember, everything you do in creating the event gives the prospect an impression of you and establishes your professionalism. You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Piecemealing marketing components together to create a powerful event just doesn't work. What does work is a coordinated marketing campaign — a complete and holistic approach. From the invitations, to the seminar presentation, to the workbook, to the hand-outs (and everything in between), Emerald's approach creates a well coordinated, all-inclusive prospecting solution.

How Does the Emerald Approach Work?

  1. Select the public dinner presentation that best fits your target audience. Choose from Running the Retirment Marathon, Your Retirement Game Plan, or Building Blocks for Wealthy Living
  2. Choose your themed invitation design style
  3. Order corresponding workbooks for your attendees (includes a themed evaluation form)

How Much Does the Emerald Approach Cost?

Our approach is not any more that if you tried to piecemeal your components together. In fact, it may even be a little less. With the purchase of the direct-mail invitations and 50 attendee workbook (at only $2 each), we provide a 60-day access pass to our web-based seminar center so that you can download the seminar title of your choice at no additional cost. 60-days give you plenty of time to practice and deliver the seminar.

Next time you want to conduct a public dinner seminar event, you can order the same package and re-download the most current version of the same seminar title, or pick another presentation - again it's included with the direct mail and workbook purchase!

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