AutoMark E-mail Marketing

AutoMark allows you to eliminate the time-consuming task of keeping track of your clients' life cues or events that might trigger a need for your services, such as birthdays, anniversaries, a new baby, or a child going off to college.

With AutoMark, you can put up to 3,000 of your clients on an automatic track that will send a communication each month. Or, you can manually choose what pieces and when your clients will receive. There are over 200 pieces of FINRA reviewed content available at the click of your mouse!

Once the email is sent, you can track who opened the email, click through rates, and more! Advance reporting features allow you to run activity reports within minutes.

The AutoMark system will also send a copy of all e-mail communication to a FINRA-approved storage file, making it easy to keep all your e-mail communications in line with FINRA regulations.

AutoMark Content Library:

The AutoMark library is tailored to fit various target audiences with educational, personal or current event touches. Plus, all the marketing pieces have been reviewed by FINRA.

Sample Deliveries


$199 one-time setup fee

$59.99 per month

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